Monday, May 17, 2010

First Rides

For someone who doesn't know me and is reading this from a totally outside perspective, I should cover a few bases. I work on an offshore drill ship overseas, 28 days on/28 days off. However lately, I've been working a lot over. This time especially I did almost 5 weeks and the ship was in the shipyard. Very busy. I was glad to get out of there.

When I got home from work, I had motorcycle and marriage on my mind. Shelley and I were going to go to a place just north of Branson, Missouri and be married. I was excited about that and getting my new bike. Shelley thinks I was more excited about the bike, but that's not true. We were purchasing our new Victory Vision. We had test rode it last time I was home and we both really enjoyed it. So now it was time to pick it up. I wanted to go by the shop on the way home from the airport, but we had more important things to do. :) Plus we were going to Dallas for the weekend. So it'll be next week. Oh well.

So I go to the bank and they tell me that it can be up to 48 hours to get a loan. 48 HOURS!!! I wanted my bike that day! Well, the lady was very nice, everything was in order and she could probably get it done by late that afternoon. Too late to get the bike that day, but I could pick it up the next morning. The Gregory brothers at Bryant Polaris made me a really good deal, taking my Victory Jackpot as a trade. They've always been great to deal with.

The next morning I go get it and they have it shined up, sitting out front ready for me to take it. So I get on it and ride it through town. Wow, what a great riding bike. Got the stereo going. I made a Ride playlist on my mp3 player, so I was blasting the tunes out. What a great day.

The next day, I pick up Shelley at her work. We run some errands and end up at Wal Mart (how did that happen?) We bought some stuff and were worried about room in the trunk and bags. No problem. Plenty of room. Even a trip to Walmart was made better with the Vision.

So the next weekend Morgan (my 12 yo son) comes for a visit. I promise to help my best friend's brother move, so Morgan and I ride out to his house. Morgan loves riding with me and he always wears the proper gear. We had a great day, rode about 120 miles round trip, beautiful weather.

These little rides were good, but the whole reason I bought the Vision is for big rides. My first big ride is to get married. How appropriate--starting a new life with a great woman on a great bike.

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